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Just Another Day for a Work-at-Home Writer Mom

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

You know the day isn't going to start off well when the very first words you hear, after the clock radio starts blaring "Don't Stop Believing," is "Mom! Charlie (the dog) threw up in his crate."

Ugh. Nothing like dealing with dog puke before you've had a chance to brush your teeth.

Oh, but we're not done yet: "Mom, I don't feel so well."

So here I am, with a kid home sick from school, a bedroom that smells like dog vomit, breakfast to make and a 9 a.m. conference call with three people in New York who will decide whether they want to hire me for a great freelancing gig.

In other words: No time for Calgon to take me away.

But it all got done. By 8:55, the bedroom smelled better, the school attendance folks were called, and the kid was fed and was happily lounging in the den drinking orange juice and watching a Bill Cosby DVD.

And there I was, at 9:00, in my home office sounding (I hoped) like I had it completely together as I talked with three very nice people on a conference call — as the dog barked in the background.

Hey, nobody ever said this working-from-home thing would be easy.

Helping Kids Understand When Mommy Goes to Work

Friday, November 21st, 2008

It's a subject many moms and kids can relate to: separation anxiety. It’s a normal part of growing up.

I remember those first date nights Randy and I had when Matt was a toddler. Lots of tears as we left — followed by happiness with the babysitter five minutes after we were out the door!

Most kids experience some form of separation anxiety, beginning as early as eight months of age. And when Mom goes off to work, it can be tough to explain that separation to a young child.

Snuggling up for a bedtime story with Megan Calhoun's book, Oscar the Pig — Mommy Goes to Work (2008; $16.65) is a terrific way to help ease a child's anxiety. (It'll make moms feel better, too.)

The comforting words and adorable illustrations are reassuring and fun. Just make sure to throw in a whole bunch of piggy kisses when you read it.


Need a (Flexible) Job? Can Help

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Beyond logo 3

Shannon Davis, the founder of is all about thinking big, and creatively, when it comes to promoting women’s careers. (And I LOVE the logo for her company’s website. Let’s give a shout out for sexy-looking moms with realistic hips!)

As a mother of two, Davis
knows that being a mom is a wonderful job — but sometimes you find
yourself needing extra income (filled your gas tank lately?), the chance to have a little more contact with the adult world, or both.

Unable to find what she was looking for in the work world, and
recognizing there was a real demand from both women and employers, Shannon
created Her organization affords women the
opportunity to raise a family and use their business skills in a flexible work environment. It’s essentially a matchmaking site for employers and employees, with the employers paying the fee for the service.

“Many mothers resign themselves to the fact that they cannot
have it all — being home with your children when they need you while
maintaining a position in the working world,” says Davis. “Why not? Why must we be either a ‘Stay at Home Mom’ or a ‘Working Mom’?
Why can’t we have and be both?”

Whether you’re looking for a job that will get you out of house for
a few hours a week or one that could become a stepping stone to
a full-time position in the future, check out