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So, Just What DO Exhausted Moms Think About During Sex?

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Oh, geez, I'm still laughing at the guest post, by "Mom De Plume," that I just read over on "What I Think About During Sex."

"For some inexplicable reason, my husband only gets the idea to have sex
at the end of our respective 16-hour days — after we've both worked,
suffered through our commutes, picked up our child from daycare, made
dinner, gave the kid a bath, read a story, did the bedtime routine and
finished the dishes," says our Ms. De Plume.

"By the time we're both comfortably settled in bed, I'm like a zombie teetering between comatose and dead. THEN, AND ONLY THEN, DOES MY HUSBAND REACH FOR ME ACROSS THE BED…"

I don't know what I enjoyed more, the post or the comments, (particularly one from a woman who said she sometimes thinks about Patrick Dempsey during sex — but often just thinks about how she forgot to pick up the dry cleaning…) Other moms thought about stuff like what they needed to pick up at Target. (Does every mom feel like she spends half her life at Target, or is it just me?)

Thanks for the chuckle, all you folks at MomLogic (and especially, you, Mom De Plume). And thanks for giving me an excuse to put a photo of Patrick Dempsey on Parent Talk Today!

P.S. This will be an interesting experiment. I just looked over at my Google ads in the left-hand column, and they are all about weight loss because I wrote about losing weight in yesterday's post. Heaven only knows what the Google ads will be about when Google scans for key words in THIS post!