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See Mommy Lose Weight: Week 5

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

You guys are awesome! This morning I got up and knew I had to head to the bathroom scale because it was WEDNESDAY.

But I decided to procrastinate a bit and check e-mail first. Waiting there for me were two messages from readers wishing me well because it was weigh-in day. That made my day! I love all the comments you're leaving on Wednesdays, too. Lots of great tips. Thanks.

I was dreading this weigh-in because last week was Randy's birthday week, and he had to have chocolate cake with chocolate frosting… And I ask you: What kind of wife would I be if I didn't have some cake on my husband's birthday?

The trouble is, it was a big cake. And that meant cake for dessert for the family fA decorated birthday cakeor a few nights after the big day. I didn't want to feel too deprived, so I cut myself a tiny sliver after dinner a couple of times — and enjoyed every bite. Portion control! 

Who knows… If I hadn't done that, and had my "fix," I might have been down in the kitchen later that night, "evening up" that darned cake. (I hate cakes with crooked edges, don't you?)

I guess the portion control did the trick, because, Randy's birthday and all, I lost a little more this week. Here's the score card:

Week 1: 138.6 (starting weight)
Week 2: 137.2 (total loss: 1.4 lbs)
Week 3: 137.2 (total loss: 1.4 lbs)
Week 4: 136.8 (total loss: 1.8 lbs)
Week 5: 136.0 (total loss: 2.6 lbs)

OK — 2.6 lbs. in four weeks. Not a huge loss, but it's a rate I might have a chance of sustaining for the long haul. My old Weight Watchers instructor used to say that 1/2 to 1 pound per week is a safe and reasonable amount to lose. Works for me.

See Mommy Lose Weight — Week 1

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

I wondered for years what it would take for me to drop the 15 to 20 pounds I've always wanted to lose and to get my butt in gear and get fit. Seems I've found the answer: The threat of public humiliation. 

Over the years, I've tried Weight Watchers (which is healthy and works for many people, but I just hate that darned point system) and I've tried going it alone (which lasted for about three days). What finally worked, I learned last year, is weight-loss blogging.

Woman's Day asked me to write a three-month daily weight-loss blog, "Scaling Down and Fessing Up," for Talk about motivation!

Having to confess my weight each week, in front of thousands of readers, helped keep me on the straight and narrow (most of the time). In three months, I went from 142 to 127 pounds. (OK, technically, I was 127.2 at that last weigh-in.) But still… Woot! That's close enough to 15 pounds for me.

It has been just over a year since that last, triumphant weigh-in. But what did I do once the blog ended, and I didn't have the threat of public humiliation to keep me in line? I stopped. I stopped logging my weight loss every week. I stopped
exercising regularly. I stopped watching what I ate quite so

I "got cute," as my old Weight Watchers instructor called it. Started hitting the chocolate and the chips. Started this parenting blog and kept my butt in this chair way too much. (And I was already working as a freelance journalist for magazines, another butt-in-chair job.)

So here I am, August 27, 2008, at 138.6 pounds. Sigh. (At least I didn't break the dreaded 140 barrier.)  I told you I got cute. But I can turn this freight train to flab around!

Let's face it: You, dear readers, are my best hope. No, I'm not morphing Parent Talk Today from a parenting blog into a weight-loss blog. But I do know there are a lot of busy moms who, like me, would like to drop some weight and get more active.

So here's the deal. Every Wednesday will be "Weight-Loss Wednesday" here. I'll confess (with photo evidence from the scale — yikes!) my current weight. We'll talk about the week ahead and what we can do to eat healthfully and get moving. We'll do it together. I'm living proof that this works. I just didn't realize, until now, how much I need you to keep me on track.

Today is my son's first day of seventh grade. It's an excitiing day of new beginnings for our family. I can't think of a better day to make my own fresh start. Care to join me?

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Scaling Down and Fessing Up — Again!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

The fact that I’m eating chips and salsa as I write this post confirms that I need to be writing this post…

Back in May 2007, Woman’s Day magazine asked me to write a 3-month daily weight-loss blog based on the advice in Ellie Krieger’s wonderful book, Small Changes, Big Results. You can see the entire three-month process unfold at

When I started the blog, I weighed 142 pounds — not too good for a 5’2" chick. My doctor agreed that it was time to drop the pounds. At the end of 12 weeks, I weighed 127.2, almost reaching my tentative goal of 125. I was flying high and committed to staying with my plan.

Then I got "cute" (as my old Weight Watchers leader used to call it). Without the threat of blogging-related public humiliation to keep me on the right path, I started falling back into my old habits: not exercising enough, eating when I was happy, eating when I was sad, eating when I was bored. (And scarfing chips and salsa at my desk…)

Sound familiar?

I’m back up to 131.4 now, and I can see that if I don’t get serious about this I’ll be back to 142 before I know it. I’m not going to let all that work go down the drain! Since this is a parenting blog, I can’t think of a better place to write about the challenges of dropping the weight while juggling the demands of motherhood. So I’ll be weighing in here with my thoughts, my struggles, some great tips and, every Wednesday, a weigh-in report.

Please join me. I want to know what you’re doing, as we start a fresh new year, to get fit, lose weight and inspire your family to live a healthier lifestyle. Let’s scale down and fess up — together!