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Take the Kids to See “Up”

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Our family just got back from seeing Disney Pixar‘s new movie, “Up,” and all I can says is take the kids and go see it! So much fun. (It’s rated PG and there are some scenes that might be scary to younger children.)

We had a choice between the 3-D version and the regular version and decided to spend the extra $2 per ticket for the 3-D version, but we didn’t find the 3-D effects to be all that spectacular.

So don’t worry if the 3-D version is sold out and you are left with the regular version, because more important than the 3-D effects are the terrific Pixar animation and the wonderful story (I laughed! I cried! And I fell in love with Ed Asner’s cranky old man.)

Check out the preview below. (Click on the box to get rid of the Google ads that run in the bottom of the trailer. They came with the trailer and I couldn’t remove them.) Then go see this movie!