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Traveling With Kids? Don’t Skimp Here

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Love, love, love Travel Savvy Mom. So many great tips from moms who live in the real world and who know what it's really like to travel with kids — especially young kids.

Kayt Sukel has written a terrific post today: "Things to NEVER Skimp on While Traveling With Kids." Her top-five list (created after polling other moms on Twitter and FaceBook):

°    An extra seat on the plane (in addition to the reasons listed, I'd also add: safety)
°    Snacks
°    Direct flights
°    A DVD player
°    Something new

Check out her post to get the scoop. Kayt's anecdote about the GREAT deal she got online on a hotel room for her family is worth the read, too. ;)