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Busy Parent? Sure! But Don’t Forget Your Valuables

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Smashed car-window, Hackney, London, UK.JPG

It started off with a rash of smash-and-grab thefts from parked cars near my son's school. Then I started paying more attention to the local crime reports in the newspaper. Here are some recent reports. Do you see a trend?

°    The victim parked and locked her vehicle on the street and set the alarm. When she returned to the vehicle she saw that the driver’s side window had been smashed out and the GPS system which had been attached to the lower windshield was missing. No suspects were seen or heard.

°    The victim parked and locked his vehicle in his driveway and returned to find unknown suspect(s) had smashed the driver’s side rear window. Suspect(s) took an iPod, charger and a camera that had been left in plain sight.

°    Three separate vehicles that were left unlocked and parked on the street were broken into by unknown suspect(s). Items taken included a GPS system and a camera.

I've talked with moms at my son's school who routinely leave their purse on the car set "because I'm just going to be gone for a few minutes to pick up my son." Or they leave their GPS unit out in plain sight because it's a pain to take it with them or hide it from view. But these are crimes of opportunity, and we can't be so busy with our kids that we forget to grab our purse, camera, laptop, iPod.

Now's the time to set a good example, as well, so that when our kids become teens and start driving, they won't come crying to us when their purse, wallet or camera are stolen from the car. It only takes a minute to secure these items. (And you'll be helping to lower everyone's insurance bills. Thanks.)