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Is Your Teen Smoking Pot?

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Vanessa Van Petten is a wonderful bridge between teens and their parents. The 20-something author of You’re Grounded!: How to Stop Fighting and Make the Teenage Years Easier (which is on my nightstand at the moment) has a terrific blog, Teens Today With Vanessa Van Petten, where she talks about parent-teen communication, drug use, sex, stress, college prep (and college-prep anxiety) and much more.

Her post on the warning signs that your teen is doing pot is straightforward and honest:

“If they come home smelling like: pot (obviously), cloves (clove
cigarettes are often used to cover up the smell of pot), hookah tobacco
(also used to cover up the smell of pot), lots of mint (many of my teen
friends will literally shower in Listerine and gum before they get
home), loads of perfume or cologne.”

I’ve added Vanessa’s blog to my Google reader so I don’t miss a thing. She also has a free e-mail newsletter.

Vanessa’s posts are honest and she doesn’t pull her punches. She reports what’s really going on with today’s teens. Check it out.