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“How Can Blogging Be Dangerous, Mom?”

Friday, August 14th, 2009

"Everybody's doing it, so how can blogging possibly be dangerous, Mom?"
Get ready for that question from your teen if he or she wants to start

are lots of great things about blogging, of course: It teaches tech and
writing skills, it engages the blogger with the world and helps him
explore particular interests.

But there are pitfalls, ranging
from kids possibly giving out too much personal information to a
blogger writing something that could later come back to haunt him when
college-admissions people or potential bosses do a Google search on his name.

Writer Denise Witmer, over at Parenting
Teens, has written a terrific post about some of the things teens and
their parents should consider before a teen starts blogging. Check it out here, then talk with your child about how to blog responsibly and safely.