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An A+ Teacher Gift

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

What your child’s teacher would like you to know: He or she has more than enough “#1 Teacher” ornaments, apple doo-dads, plates of brownies and things with kids’ hand prints.

All those things are appreciated, of course. because the thought does count. But in tough economic times, what many teachers want (well, maybe in addition to a gift certificate for a massage) is more educational resources for their classrooms. So many teachers spend so much of their own money these days on things for the classroom to help our kids learn.

Happily, makes it easy to give your child’s teacher a gift that will be really appreciated. You can order a holiday gift card, and print it on your home computer. (No waiting for anything to be shipped! No trips to the mall!) Give the card to your child’s teacher and he or she can redeem it to fund educational resources for the classroom. has been kind enough to provide a gift card for one lucky Parent Talk Today reader, and I’ve decided to do a drawing (using a random number generator after numbering the names) from the names of people who have commented on our posts in the past month. I so appreciate your support of the blog and this parent community!

And the winner of the drawing is… Ellen Cajka! Thanks, Ellen, for your long-time support of Parent Talk Today. I hope your child’s teacher enjoys the gift!

Need Teacher Gifts — In a Hurry?

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Year 2~Day 156 +127/366: Teacher Appreciation ...Tired of giving apple stationery, apple earrings and “#1 teacher”
sweatshirts to your children’s teachers every holiday season? Imagine
how the teachers feel! Here are some parent- and teacher-tested gift
ideas that will really make the grade.

°    Think Outside The Classroom. “I like giving something
that conveys that you know the teacher is human, too — not just a
teacher,” says Las Vegas, Nevada mom Joy Hall. Think sports memorabilia
(if you know the teacher’s favorite team), an addition to a favorite
collection of bears, dolls, snow globes… The list can be endless if you
or your child just happen to listen up when the teacher mentions
favorite hobbies and activities.

°    Consider a Gift For the Classroom. As school budgets are
increasingly cut, teachers are often asked to supply certain classroom
items. So when her child was in kindergarten, Dorothy Foltz-Gray of
Knoxville, Tennessee asked what classroom game the kids needed. “The
teacher responded as if I were a saint!” she says. Another time, she
gave a monetary gift, again to be used for classroom supplies. Jennifer
Vena of Manhattan Beach, California gives goody bags full of classroom
supplies — dry-erase markers, paper clips, post-its, overhead markers,
etc. With many teachers spending their own money on these items, this
is a welcome gift.

°    Make it Personal. “Have your child make something that
shows how much the teacher is appreciated,” suggests Hall. Including a
photo is a wonderful touch, she adds, and it will help the teacher to
remember your child when she looks at the gift in years to come. A
personal letter of appreciation, along with a drawing from your child,
is something many teachers say they read over and over again — and keep


Pot Smokers Welcome Here

Monday, August 11th, 2008

You gotta love Google. It always amazes me how people find this blog, and it's a hoot to see some of the Google searches that result in people clicking on a parenting blog. How about these:

°    "How to prep and smoke weed" (Sorry, Dude, but you ended up with my article for parents on kids and pot.)

°    "What do you do when your teenager is smoking pot?" (OK, I'm seeing a trend here. Maybe the first one was searched by a teen and the second one by his mom?)

°    "Idea gift teacher child late pick up" (So you need a gift to say I'm sorry for all those late arrivals at day-care pick-up time? I'm guessing the teacher would prefer you spend the money on a watch. Teachers need to get home to their OWN families at the end of the day, right?)

°    "Cell phone in washing machine" (After I did a post on this when my son left his cell phone in his pants pocket — and it got drenched — the post became my most-visited ever. At least our family isn't alone!)

°    "Sick of video games" (Me too.)

°    Can my child get MRSA at school? (With school starting, the number of searches that hit on the MRSA post here on the blog is going up, up, up. Remember to tell your kid not to share gym towels — and not to sit his naked butt on the bench in the locker room. Now there's a dinner-time conversation starter!)

°    Do you think airline prices will go down between now and Christmas? (Now that they're charging for everything from blankets to Pepsi to peanuts? My crystal ball says…. nope.)

Keep those Google searches coming! I love having you stop by — however you get here.