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Not Happy With Fox Sports’ Violent Promos? Tell ‘Em!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Wow. I’ve been getting lots of e-mails from readers of this blog who didn’t want to comment publicly, but who are fed up with Fox Sports running promos for their violent shows during college football games. (See yesterday’s post — and check out the excellent comment from dad "JeD" about the experience he and his wife have had with this.)

So I thought I’d make it easy for you to contact Fox Sports directly:

Website address:

Snail-mail address:
P.O. BOX 900
BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90213-0900

Well, they don’t make it easy to just call and talk with a real person. The phone number listed on the website, (310) 369-7761, only offers recorded information. If you have a number to reach a real person at Fox Sports, please let me know!

Here’s the e-mail I just sent to them through the website address. I’ll report back here when I get a reply:


I am really tired of trying to watch a college football game — something parents should be able to do with their kids — and being subjected to violence-filled promos for FOX TV shows. I do not allow my child to watch those shows, and that is my responsibility. It would seem that your responsibility would be to watch the amount of promo-related violence you subject families to during football games. Please.

This past weekend took the cake, however. Who decided it was a good idea to show one of your sports announcers spray painting the screen, tagging style, as part of a promo? Since when is glorifying gang activity a good idea?

I’ll look forward to your reply.

Fox Sports: Not Exactly a Parent’s Best Friend

Monday, October 1st, 2007

I couldn’t believe it. But on second thought, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. I was watching the UCLA vs Oregon State game on Saturday with my husband and son, and Fox was doing its usual promotion of its violent shows during the commercials.

Nothing new there. Randy and I have been irritated for years over the fact that it’s impossible to watch a sporting event on Fox without being subjected to commercials that are totally inappropriate — and even nightmare-inducing — for young kids.

When Matthew was younger, we’d rush to switch channels during commercials. Now that we have TiVo, we rush to fast forward through them. Matt is 11 now, and probably won’t get nightmares from the commercials. But still, why fill his head (and mine!) with this junk?

Saturday, however, took the cake. As if the ads weren’t bad enough, Fox chose to do a promo showing one of its sports announcers spray painting the TV screen, tagging style. Nice. With all those impressionable kids watching the football game? Great example to set, Fox.

With much of what this network does, we can just say no. But families should be able to enjoy a football game on TV without Fox showing inappropriate ads — or promoting gang activity by making tagging look glamorous.