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The Little Princess

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Spoiled Girl

I was on a flight from to L.A. the other day. A mom with three three kids sat across from me, with one next to her and two in front of her.

The woman is sitting behind her six-ish-year-old who has just trashed the floor around her seat with food, toys, and papers. It’s about time to land and the place is a mess.

The flight attendant is on her hands and knees, cleaning up around the kid. The kid never thanks her. (The mom, a bit sheepishly, thanks the flight attendant after the fact, but never encourages her daughter to show any appreciation.)

I think the mom missed a real opportunity by not reminding the girl to say thank you (and perhaps reminding her to help — or to not create such a mess on a crowded airplane in the first place).

It bothered me to see the girl sitting there, like a little princess, while this hard-working flight attendant was on her hands and knees at the girl’s feet, cleaning up.

What has happened to our manners in this country? What can we do about it?