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Sexy Halloween Costumes for Girls — Revisited

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Two years ago I wrote a post on sexy Halloween costumes for girls and it created a bit of a stir here, becoming the most-viewed post since we started Parent Talk Today more than three years ago.

At first I thought that was because of all the concerned parents who wanted to talk about kids’ costumes and their thoughts on the current crop of too-sexy outfits for young girls.

Silly me. One look at my stats for the blog and I saw that much of the traffic I was receiving for this post came from smarmy Google searches for key phrases such as “sexy teen,” “sexy kids,” “little girls sex,” “sexy young girls,” etc.

In short, there are plenty of creepy folks out there who get their kicks from looking at little girls in sexy outfits. These people are online, of course. But they also shut down the laptop and leave the house now and then.

Either way, they’d just love to see our young daughters in sexy little Halloween costumes. Creepy enough for you?

Before someone starts talking about women being able to wear anything they want and how we are repressing our kids, who just want to be like their friends and wear the cool costumes, let’s remember who’s in charge of our children’s safety here. We’re not talking about a 21-year-old woman’s right to wear whatever she wants to a bar. We’re talking about perschoolers, gradeschool kids and tweens. They need parents who will watch over them, make good choices for them (even when it’s not popular) and keep them safe.

Yep, Creepy Guys Want to See Your Tween Daughter in a Hot Halloween Costume

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

dorothy-237x300It’s time to take a clear-eyed look at what some perverts rather creepy folks are thinking when they look at a middle school girl in a sexy Halloween costume.

I use Feedjit, a service that lets me see what people search for (anonymously) on Google, Yahoo, etc. to reach my blog. Reading my Feedjit stats has been eye-opening, to say the least.

I’ve written about too-sexy Halloween costumes for young girls in the past. And let’s just say that everyone searching for “tween,” “teen,” “young girls” and “sexy Halloween costumes” isn’t necessarily a parent trying to protect their child. Far from it. Some of the search terms are incredibly creepy and obscene.

If these guys are looking for this stuff on the Web, you can bet a certain percentage of them are keeping an eye out for young girls who are dressed like this in real life, too. If you’re talking with your teen or tween daughter about appropriate costumes, show her this post.