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Helicopter Parents Can Find Online School Info a Bit Too Tempting

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

I have to share with you a terrific article on "Cutting The Cord," by Sherri McDonald:

Two weeks into sixth grade, Ally arrived home from school on a
Friday to find her mom energetically clicking away on the computer. A
bulging Hobby Lobby bag sat on the desk, beside a stack of colorful
online printouts.

Pausing, Danelle greeted her daughter and gestured with a flourish: 
“We’re nearly all set,” she beamed. “I have everything we need for the
history project Mrs. Crawford posted online today on her assignments
page. I know how much you love ancient Egypt, so I thought that’d be
fun to do. Getting an ‘A’ on this is important; we want to start out
stronger than last year. We’ll get started after you’ve had your snack…”

Yikes! When I read that I just wanted to say, "Mom, step away from the glue gun. Very slowly."

So many schools now use the Web to post assignments and grades, and that's great. But the sites can be used for good or evil. Check out the article for tips on handling the parental anxiety that can lead to finding yourself covered in sugar cubes at 3 a.m., assembling your fourth grader's California missions project. Good stuff here.

Artwork credit: Memphis Parent