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Seeking Nourishment Through the Tough Times

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Over at her blog, "Nourish Cafe," writer Lynne Schreiber has set out a pot of tea and invited us to share in her life, even at its most painful:

“Don’t go!”

Eliana wailed into the night. Her father was over for an impromptu visit, invited by his little girl, who missed him.

But it was past bedtime. She clung to his neck in the drawn-shade darkness of her pink room. Over and over she pleaded, don’t go, don’t go.

He rocked her on his lap. His eyebrows arced, and having been married to him for eight years, I knew what he was thinking:

I am a failure.

In feeling the ache of Schreiber's divorce and its effect on her family, we can all gain a larger understanding of — and perhaps a greater willingness to look at — the losses in our own lives. And when the sun comes out again, Schreiber, happily, takes us with her:

And then everything evaporated. Eliana wore the most original, honest
smile. She hugged me again and again, a true-loving kind of hug rather
than a desperate clingy one. She helped set the dinner table without
complaining. She was a treasure to be around. And best of all, she
seemed infinitely happy…

Maybe all she needed was to let the waterfall of emotions cascade
over and then she could breathe again. All this time, she’d played the I’m-ok game when really, she had bottled up her need to feel.

Thanks, Lynne, for sharing your life so honestly and for giving courage to other woman who, one cautious step at a time, feel compelled to do the same.