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When Would YOU Call The Police?

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Terrific piece in the New York Times today — "When Do You Call The Police?" by Lisa Belkin.

"You’ve seen it too often on the news — a child is found (sometimes too
late) in an abusive home," writes Belkin. "A baby dies in a hot car. A teen shoots up a
school, and it turns out he was ignored or mistreated by his parents.
You wonder — didn’t anyone notice? And why didn’t they say anything?"

ABC’s new show What Would You Do? sets up such situations and watches as average people decide whether to get involved or mind their own business.

When DO you call the police? Speak with a teenager's parents? Notify the school guidance counselor? When are you possibly overreacting and when might you be ignoring a potentially dangerous situation?

As parents, these are tough calls to make — especially when it's tempting to just mind our own business and not risk angering a neighbor, a parent from school, one of our kid's friends…

Would would you do?