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Gotta Love Your Local Parenting Magazine!

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I just got back on Sunday from a terrific long weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I helped give a presentation on social media at the Parenting Publications of America’s annual convention.

I’ve been a parenting writer for 14+ years and have worked with some of the editors in the PPA for about that long — but hadn’t met many of them in person until this weekend. Talk about fun!

Most of these editors are parents like you and me. They know about potty training and temper tantrums, driver’s ed and PTA meetings. And they care. About their kids, their communities, their readers.

Pick up your local parenting magazine (or go to that magazine’s website) and you’ll find a lot more than just the calendar of events (although that’s valuable, too). You’ll find articles full of great info on everything from sexting to saving for college to choosing a summer camp, advertisers who want to meet your needs on everything from moon-bounce rentals to pregnancy portraits, letters to the editor that show what parents like you are thinking…

In short, you’ll find the heartbeat of your local parenting community. Pick up a parenting magazine today!

P.S. That’s Lucy Banta from New Jersey Family, Staci Perkins from Columbus Parent, me (the one who apparently didn’t get the memo about wearing black) and Myra Wright from Piedmont Parent. A fun group!