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Hey McDonald’s: Your New Pitch Doesn’t Cut It For This Mom

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

I know McDonald’s is trying to court the young-adult crowd with its new radio ad featuring an insipid-sounding young woman exclaiming “OMG!” in regard to meeting her girlfriends at Mickey D’s for coffee and gossip. But as a mom, I have to speak up. (After all, McDonald’s is also going after the parents of young kids, constantly, right?)

I have always taught my son, from the time he was a preschooler, the importance of not taking God’s name in vain. And there are certainly better ways to mention God than exclaiming “OMG!” about coffee. I’m no over-the-top parent who writes letters to the editor and cancels magazine subscriptions over every little thing. But this ad offends me, and I don’t think it’s a help to parents to have it playing on the radio. As a company that markets to families as well as to young adults, McDonald’s should keep this in mind.

And for what it’s worth, In ‘N Out has MUCH better burgers…

If you’d like to let McDonald’s know how you feel about this ad, click here.