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Family Movie Night

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Cover of "Romeo & Juliet"

At the moment, in our den, we have
the strangest collection of Netflix DVDs
ever assembled: Burn After
, West Side Story
and Roots, Part 1 (of 7!).

decided this was a good year (8th grade) for Matt to see Roots. I remember
watching it as a kid and it really made an impression. So we're all going to
watch it together and talk about it.

We also decided to watch Franco
Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet
(which we saw last weekend) followed closely by West Side Story, so Matt could
see the connection.

Yes, there's a very brief nude scene in Romeo and Juliet, where you can see Leonard Whiting's naked backside. I saw the movie when I was in middle school, and I just remember thinking that Whiting was the cutest guy I'd ever seen. (Well, next to Davy Jones.) But I have to admit, it was a bit weird watching that scene with my 13-year-old son in the room!

The movie is rated PG, and Matt is convinced that if it had been made today, it would have been rated R and he wouldn't have been allowed (by his mean, old parents) to see it!

What's on your family's must-see DVD list right now?

Trying to Keep Up With Your Techie Kids? Here’s Help

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

It’s no secret that many kids today are more technologically advanced than their parents. They practically grew up with a mouse in their hand and spend a great deal of time IMing, texting and "Facebooking."

Rosemary Blandford, a 37-year-old Chicago-area mother of three who formerly worked as both an ER nurse and a teacher, recognized that she didn't know as much about all things techie as she wanted to in order to keep up with her kids. So she created

In addition to tips on using Twitter, Pandora, Skype, Netflix and a lot more, the site includes an entire section about social networking so that parents can join their kids online and stay involved in their digital lives.

Rosie offers free videos, step-by-step instructions and tutorials. And check out Rosie's blog for even more tips. Here are some to get you started:

Rosie's Tips for Saving $$ on the Web

•    Communicate in a new way - Skype lets you have a long-distance phone conversation with other Skype users without the long-distance charges. (Now we've all heard of Skype, but Rosie's video tutorial will show you how it actually works.)

•    Buy or sell using online classifieds or auctions - Ebay and Craigslist will help you make money or buy someone else's goods at good prices. (Both sites can seem a bit confusing at first. How do you bid? How do you pay? Rosie makes it easy.)

•    Find great entertainment without leaving home
  - Watch videos or TV shows on Hulu or  documentaries on Use Netflix to watch and even stream popular movies. 

•    Give the gift of a family tree
- Use to create a family tree. It won't cost you anything, and may be cherished by family members more than any pricey gift.

Can you tell I LOVE this site?