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Just Call Me Improv Mom

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Matthew and I bounce in our chairs at the kitchen table. He pumps his
fist in the air as I call out, in my best rap-star voice, “Yo water! Yo
water!” He grins, then takes up the chant. Could this possibly be the
same mom who nags him to rinse the toothpaste gunk from the sink? To
pick up his baseball cleats from the bottom of the stairs? To write
thank-you notes?

we’re snaking our way around the kitchen in a silly rap-conga line,
showing off our best moves and making up other improbable songs that
follow my improv teacher’s instructions: “Create a rap song using a
nursery rhyme with an exercise theme. Then do it in front of the class,
with the rest of the class as your back-up rappers.”

Gee, no pressure there!