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Thanks Goodness for Girlfriends

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Fellow moms, are you ever just POOPED? I am. Right now.

This week I’m looking at work deadlines, the church youth newsletter, baseball games, the church bake sale (gotta make some brownies), Hell Week (final rehearsals and tech week) for the church play… (Gotta love the words “Hell Week” and “church play” in the same sentence.)

The laundry is piled up. (Both clean and dirty.) The dog is begging to be walked. The fridge is almost empty.

And what do I want to do most? Meet a girlfriend for coffee. It’s my great stress reliever. It makes me realized how BLESSED I am to have such a full life with all these activities that, taken separately, I truly love. (OK, not the laundry or the grocery shopping.)

My girlfriends give me perspective. A laugh. A chance to vent and compare notes. In truth, sometimes wine is better than coffee for a girlfriend get-together. (AND as you can see, sometimes there’s CAKE.) But right now I’d settle for 30 minutes with a good buddy and a chance to sit back and look at our lives.

And laugh.