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My Dirty Little Secret

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009
Bowl of Guacamole, freshly made with tomatoes,...

In my childhood home, cleanliness was not next to godliness. It reigned supreme. There was a sense of peace, of being saved somehow, if the shower was wiped down, if the cutting boards were scrubbed, if the table was set by freshly washed hands.

As a child, I could never understand why “Thou Shalt Wash Thy Hands After a Trip to the Bathroom” was not included in the Ten Commandments.

It certainly didn’t start with my parents. This “clean gene” was passed down through the generations like a family Bible. But for all of us, it has caused pain as well as comfort. My sweet, easy-going grandmother once declined to join a cooking group at her nursing home. The other residents enjoyed making their own creations in the large kitchen and then sharing their lasagna, salad or chocolate-chip cookies during lunch. (more…)