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Texting and Driving: Public Service Announcement in England Shows it Like it Is

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

If you were watching the Today Show this morning, you may have seen parts of this public service announcement from England showing a group of teen girls in a car as they get into a horrific crash due to inattentive driving (texting, in this case). It’s shocking, really, compared with similar PSAs in the U.S. It’s graphic and upsetting and not something young children should see.

However… It should be required viewing in all high schools, in my opinion. It should be required viewing for all adults, too, in fact. I see so many people — not just teens — driving while talking on a cell phone, texting, applying mascara. Do they not realize they are driving a couple of tons of fast-moving metal? A potentially lethal weapon?

As a parent I feel so strongly about this. I worry for my son, his friends — all of us — when I see what’s going on on the roads today.

Being sorry later isn’t good enough. We need to get kids’ attention now. Today.

Show your teens this video. Talk with them about inattentive driving. We parents need to step up to the plate here and not only set form guidelines but also teach by example.

Our kids’ lives are at stake.