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And the Winner of the $75 ScanDigital Gift Card Is…

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009


Congratulations to Mollie Bryan, who won the drawing for the $75 ScanDigital gift card! Mollie will love having her family’s old videos, slides or photos (or all three!) put on a DVD to preserve them for future generations. It also makes them a lot easier to enjoy right now.

Thanks to the great folks at ScanDigital for providing the giveaway for Parent Talk Today readers. And thanks to those who entered!

P.S. I love this photo of my husband, Randy, with Santa. (Seems Santa was a bit more somber back in the day!)

Giveaway: Give The Gift of Memories With a $75 ScanDigital Gift Card

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Last year, I sent my family’s old photos to ScanDigital, and the resulting DVD full of family memories made me so happy (my family loved it, too!), I asked ScanDigital to help me share the fun with you this year with a giveaway. (Thanks, guys!)

Send ScanDigital your family’s old photo albums, slides, video tapes and reel-to-reel film and they will convert everything to a high-quality DVD.

Your family will love being able to see their photos and video at the click of a mouse — and you’ll feel good knowing that everything is safe and protected.

ScanDigital also offers other thoughtful gifts such as custom holiday slideshows and pre-loaded digital photo frames.

Cool stuff. Nice people. And they will be very careful with your treasured memories and will make sure everything is shipped safely back to you.

To enter the giveaway, you just need to do two things:

  • Subscribe to Parent Talk Today. (Easy!)
  • Leave a comment telling why you’d like to win the $75 gift card and how you’d like to preserve your family’s memories. (And you know the drill: No “pick me!” or “I want to win!” comments, please. Those won’t be entered in the drawing.)

The winner will be chosen from a random drawing and will be announced here on Monday, Nov. 23.

Can’t wait to read your comments!

Family Movie Night

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Cover of "Romeo & Juliet"

At the moment, in our den, we have
the strangest collection of Netflix DVDs
ever assembled: Burn After
, West Side Story
and Roots, Part 1 (of 7!).

decided this was a good year (8th grade) for Matt to see Roots. I remember
watching it as a kid and it really made an impression. So we're all going to
watch it together and talk about it.

We also decided to watch Franco
Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet
(which we saw last weekend) followed closely by West Side Story, so Matt could
see the connection.

Yes, there's a very brief nude scene in Romeo and Juliet, where you can see Leonard Whiting's naked backside. I saw the movie when I was in middle school, and I just remember thinking that Whiting was the cutest guy I'd ever seen. (Well, next to Davy Jones.) But I have to admit, it was a bit weird watching that scene with my 13-year-old son in the room!

The movie is rated PG, and Matt is convinced that if it had been made today, it would have been rated R and he wouldn't have been allowed (by his mean, old parents) to see it!

What's on your family's must-see DVD list right now?

Scan Those Old Photos — And Create The Best Gift You’ll Ever Give

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Somewhere in your parents' spare bedroom, up on a closet shelf — or in your grandmother's attic, in a dusty cardboard box — is your life.

The shot of you, your little brother and the world's best pup in a sea-green fishing boat.

The photographic proof that your grandpa once sat on the floor with you and your brother and played Tiddlywinks. 

The picture of you winning a beauty contest. (True, in my case it was winning "Miss Laurel Drive" when I was 9 years old. And the crown was made from aluminum foil. But still.)

Of course, those memories become increasingly fuzzy as the years go by, as that beloved Grandpa passes away, as your own child or grandchild enters first grade, as you try to remember, "Did we go to the Grand Canyon before or after we got the dog?"

When my parents entrusted me with three metal boxes full of slides a number of years ago, I carefully put them on a closet shelf — and then worried about them from time to time. If we had a fire, hundreds of family memories would be gone. Poof.

Plus, we really weren't enjoying the photos. Who had time to look at them, one by one, in my crummy little slide viewer? And who has a slide projector these days?

So there they sat.

Then I discovered a wonderful El Segundo, Calif. company, ScanDigital. They scanned my slides on their state-of-the art equipment, and created a DVD containing beautiful .jpg photos.

What a treasure it is to have these digital photos! In fact, my husband, son and I got to bed waaay too late last night because we couldn't stop looking at the photos. (And certain people had entirely too much fun having a giggle over my fashion choices at age 13.)

It's easy to do. Just gather your photos, slides or negatives. Organize, pack and ship them to ScanDigital. (They will send you shipping materials and instructions.)

They'll scan, crop and color-correct the photos. Then they'll create a CD or DVD containing your photos at no additional
cost and they'll ship your original photos back to you. (In the Los Angeles area, you can drop them off or have them picked up.)

You can also purchase
additional CDs or DVDs for family and friends. (By the way, in this photo, that's me in the yellow dress and white sweater, boarding the school bus for the first day of first grade. Thanks, Mom, for taking that picture!)

Prices start at $0.48 each for 300-dpi paper photos. Negatives and slides are slightly higher. The quality is terrific, especially when you're talking about starting off with slides or photos that have, in many cases, been sitting around for decades.

ScanDigital also creates an online gallery for your photos at no extra charge. I love the idea that there's an electronic copy of my photos securely stored somewhere outside my home. (For free!)

You can also organize photos online, create albums, share them with friends and family, and purchase reprints and other photo items like t-shirts, mousepads, calendars and photo books.

If you want to do this for the holidays, you'll need to move quickly. The deadline for holiday orders is Dec. 15. You can also give ScanDigital gift cards. The deadline for those Dec. 19.

I'm hoping my parents don't read this post… because this Christmas they'll be getting two kids in a boat with one very happy dog, a little girl riding her first bike, a trip to the Grand Canyon, and a hot game of Tiddlywinks — all courtesy of Miss Laurel Drive.