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Meth: It’s Everywhere

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

I’m happy to report that the Parenting Teens Resource Network is running a piece I’ve written on the dangers of methamphetamine. But it’s the editor’s comments, written by Carey Simon, that will really get your attention.

"I searched for cocaine, and several sites came up offering to
show me how to make crack at home," says Simon, noting that our kids are practically living on the Internet these days, where all this info is at their fingertips. "Another web site instructed me on
how to pass a methamphetamine test. Then I discovered that it’s just as
easy to learn how to make crystal meth," she adds.

As parents, we’re all busy, I know. But we simply have to take the time to educate ourselves about the current crop of illegal drugs that are all too available to our children. The Parenting Teens Resource Network is a good place to start.