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When Kids = Distracted Driving

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

We often think of distracted driving as driving while eating, putting on makeup, talking on a cell phone, etc. Driving with kids in the car can be distracting, too, according to a recent Consumer Reports* blog post, especially if there is crying, whining, or some other issue that warrants attention.

“Usually it’s either a dropped toy, needing a tissue, drink, or snack, that forces me to reach back and try to assist,” says Consumer Reports automotive writer Liza Barth.

“A few weeks ago, my husband rolled into a car in front of him after he inadvertently pulled his foot off the brake at a stop light while reaching to the back seat to tend to our son,” says Barth. “After that, we realized that even when stopped, it can not only be dangerous, but expensive (unfortunately, it was a BMW) to look away or remove your attention from the road.”

Visit the Consumer Reports blog for tips on driving (safely) with kids in tow. And visit Consumer Reports’ kids and car-safety section for more safety tips on driving with children.

*Full disclosure: In addition to being a parenting and health writer,  I work for Consumer Reports as their social media reporter. You can follow me on Twitter at @CReporter.