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Saying No to Kids in a Yes Culture

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

A terrific writing buddy of mine, Kathy Seal, has an article in Scouting magazine this month that I think is a must-read. (And hey, I'm quoted in it. Bonus!)

Here's an excerpt from "Saying No to Children in a Yes Culture":

One day Jen Singer’s sons, 11-year-old Nicholas and 9-year-old
Christopher, started fighting in the car on the way to their piano
lessons. The boys, both Cub Scouts, knew their Mom would buy them pizza
before the lesson only if they got along. So Singer pulled her car to
the side of the road, turned off the motor, and told them, “No pizza
today, guys.”

“But Mom, but Mom!” the boys cried.

“Sorry boys, that’s it,” she told them. “When you can stop fighting, I’ll start driving again.”

“You have to say no now and then,” Singer explains, “or they’ll grow up thinking everything will go their way. But it won’t.” 

Seal goes on to note that psychologist David Walsh says if parents can learn to
say “no” at appropriate times, they’ll teach their children how to
delay gratification, a key skill for success in school and in life.

Check out this excellent article. And let us know, in comments, how you handle saying no with your kids.