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Sexy Halloween Costumes for Girls: Where Should Parents Draw The Line?

Monday, October 27th, 2008

I still remember seeing her when my now-seventh-grade son was in first grade: the 6-year-old girl in the midriff-baring Britney Spears Halloween costume, tossing her hair and trying to give off a decidedly sexy-teen vibe.

She was SIX. And I remember thinking to myself, even then: “This girl will be in trouble someday.”

Never mind that the elementary school allowed her to strut her stuff in the school Halloween parade, in obvious violation of the stated Halloween dress code. Where were this girl’s parents? And what were they thinking?

In today’s Los Angeles Times, Melissa Healy’s article, Sexy Halloween Costumes… For Little Girls? talks about titillating Halloween outfits being marketed to kids. It’s a trend that’s picking up even more steam this year, apparently.

What’s a parent to do? Check out the article and tell us what you think.

Hey Corporate Sponsors! How About a Little Halloween $$$ Help This Year?

Friday, October 24th, 2008

trick or treating in the marina district of sa...Jen Singer has the right idea. As the owner of the first house on a VERY popular street for trick-or-treaters, Jen is looking for a little “Halloween bailout” from corporate America to help sponsor the huge pile of candy she’ll be buying soon. In fact, I’ll let her make her pitch right here.

OK, all you companies out there. I’m betting that if you stop by and agree to add an extra zero or two to that check, Jen will even let you put up a few yard signs. So be generous. After all, have you priced a bag of Mars bars lately?

Let The Force Be With Your Kids This Halloween

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Looking for an adorable, fun (and cozy) Halloween costume for your baby or toddler? I fell hard for the $19.99 Princess Leia costume featured in a fun post, by Oz Spies, over at DailyBabble. The little hat with the "buns" just slays me.

I like the fact that the Daily Babble post features costumes at different price points, including a too-cute $19.99 Yoda costume.

With many families watching their budget more closely right now, a $20 costume (or making your own costume for even less) is looking a lot better than some of the over-the-top get-ups you'll find for $65 or more.

The site provides links so you can order online. My only piece of advice: Having stood in line at a local costume shop in late 
October, surrounded by frustrated parents and cranky kids, I'd highly recommend ordering online — and ordering early.

Happy Halloween!