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Danger at the Dollar Store

Monday, August 24th, 2009

this is possibly the greatest thing I've ever ...

We're all trying to stretch a buck these days, and dollar stores may seem like a good way to do it. But buyer beware when it comes to danger at the dollar store, says Consumer Reports in their latest video.

(Disclosure: In addition to being a freelance journalist, I'm also the social-media reporter for Consumer Reports. Follow me on Twitter at @creporter for CR's latest updates.)

What types of dollar-store products could be hazardous? Cigarette lighters that look like mini toy skateboards. Party whistles that can easily come apart and create choking hazards. And my personal favorite on CR's list: bubble-blowing liquid that comes in a bottle with what looks like a baby-bottle nipple on top. Nice.

Sure, you can save on many items that are perfectly safe. But keep a sharp eye out for items that could harm your family.