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The College Process: Where Should a High Schooler Start?

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

I just read a terrific post, “The College Process in 8 Steps,” over on Vanessa Van Petten’s wonderful blog Radical Parenting (Parenting Advice Written by Kids). Liked it so much I’m sending it to my nephew, saving it for my son and passing it around to my mom friends, in fact.

One of Van Petten’s teen bloggers on the site, 17-year-old Jennifer, obviously has a good handle on the whole college process and breaks it down into chunks that won’t intimidate even high school freshmen (or their parents) too much. (And yes, you do need to start thinking about at least some of this — like your high school transcript — as a freshman.)

Thanks to Van Petten for creating a wonderful place where talented and thoughtful teen writers can share important information. This amazing young woman travels the country speaking to all types of groups about family relationships, teen lifestyles, advertising to the Net-Generation and many other issues pertaining to Gen Y. Radical Parenting is one of my favorite parenting blogs. If you have teens or tweens, check it out.