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Parenting Teens Just Got (a Little Bit) Easier

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Our son is only starting sixth grade in the fall, but Randy and I already are getting a preview of the teen years that lie ahead. And we know we’ll have plenty of challenges and decisions to deal with.

Parenting a teen these days calls for a cool head — and solid information. The Parenting Teens Resource Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing news, resources and journal articles that are helpful for parents of teens. (Disclosure: I have contributed writing to this site. But I spend more time there as a parent than as a writer. There’s just so much helpful info available.)

Also, through the organization’s online Parent Forum, parents can talk to each other and ask questions of parenting experts and teens themselves.

Because, let’s face it, none of us has all the answers. Do you know what the latest “gateway” drug is? Is your teenager too old
for the pediatrician’s office? Could your student athlete be tempted to use steroids? In addition to information on drugs and alcohol abuse, the site covers gambling, internet/video game use, teen weight issues, sports and sports injuries, bullying, dating, single parenting, gender issues, teaching life skills and much more. Check it out.