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Bullying Gay Students: A High School Student Weighs In

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

16-year-old Keira Jett’s comment on yesterday’s post was so thoughtful and helpful, I thought I’d post it today as a guest post (with her permission). Thanks so much, Keira!

Thank you very much for mentioning this issue. I think Ladies’ Home Journal did a very good job in addressing such a controversial topic. It shouldn’t matter what one believes or has been taught; we need to support our youth. We teenagers deal with a great amount of day-to-day stress already, along with the idea of college and the future fast approaching. Not one child needs the dark cloud of intolerance and hate hanging over his or her head.

Even if there is no actual bullying going on, the atmosphere of negativity is often present for anyone who breaks the social norm. When kids say things like “that’s so gay” or “fag,” the pressure to fit in or bust is stronger than ever. Whenever I hear someone say anything like that, I make sure the speaker knows I disapprove. I’m not rude, but I have no problem confronting people about how carelessly they have spoken. I discontinue conversation until I get a sincere apology from whomever has said something offensive.

A difference in personal opinion is one thing. Bullying is something else entirely, and it is unacceptable no matter what you believe.