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Best Summer Ever

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Ann Douglas, who blogs over at The Mother of All Parenting Blogs, is taking on a terrific project: Best Summer Ever. Each day (for 30 days so far, last time I checked), Ann is offering a different creative idea, such as:

°     Do Some Big-Picture Thinking — Set a budget for back-to-school shopping and discuss it with the kids before you head to the store; limit some of those extra "planned" activities so kids can have more unstructured play outdoors before summer ends; remind yourself to reconnect with your family over a favorite book or with another special-family-time activity… Lots of good ideas here.

°    Create a Summer Collage — Use photos you've snapped this summer and pick up some inspiration from the fun collage-related links Ann shares on the post.

°    Lighten the Load for Another Parent — Find opportunities to help or advocate on behalf of a fellow parent who is going through a tough time.

You can follow Ann on Twitter, too. She's one of my favorite tweeps. Go check out her blog! Great stuff.

P.S. And doesn't her green blouse look GREAT on my blog? ;)