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LeRoi Moore ATV Death Should be a Wake-up Call for Parents

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

LeRoi Moore, saxaphonist for the Dave Matthews Band, died Tuesday due to
complications from an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident he had on his
Virginia farm in late June.  He was 46 years old.

In my kids'-health column, Health Notes, I've been warning parents about the dangers of ATVs for years. More than 500 people reportedly
died in 2006 (the most recent stats available), and at least 100 of those were kids, according to the Consumer
Product Safety
Commission. The CPSC believes at least 146,000 other people were
treated that year for ATV-related injuries.

Three moms, Carolyn Anderson, Sue Rabe and Carol Keezer, lost children in ATV-related accidents and founded Concerned Families for ATV Safety. They claim that more than 40,000 families each year have a
child who is injured or killed in one of these incidents. It's heartbreaking to look at the photos of kids who have died in these accidents.

Check out these ATV safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

  • Children who are not licensed to drive a car should not be allowed to operate off-road vehicles.
  • Because
    their nervous systems and judgment have not fully developed, off-roa
    vehicles are particularly dangerous for children younger than 16 years.
  • Don't ride double. Passengers are frequently injured when riding ATVs.
  • All
    riders should wear helmets, eye protection and protective, reflective
    clothing. A
    ppropriate helmets are those designed for motorcycle (not
    bicycle) use, and should include safety visors/face shields for eye
  • ATVs
    lack the common safety equipment found on all cars and trucks that are
    designed for street use. Parents should never permit nighttime riding
    or street use of off-road vehicles.
  • Flags, reflectors and lights should be used to make vehicles more visible.
  • Drivers
    of recreational vehicles should not drive while under the influence of
    alcohol, drugs or even some prescription medicines. Parents should set
    an example for their children in this regard.
  • Young
    drivers should be discouraged from on-road riding of any 2-wheeled
    motorized cycle, even when they are able to be licensed to do so,
    because they are inherently more dangerous than passenger cars.