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Free E-Course: Bullying — What Parents Should Know

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Jennifer O’Donnell, a terrific writer and editor on all things parenting-related, has created a free e-course on bullying. With her permission, I’m including all the info here so you can easily sign up to receive the course materials. (Did I mention that it’s FREE?) Also check out Jennifer’s wonderful Tweens column.Be sure to sign up for her free newsletter while you’re there, too. Great info. Thanks, Jennifer!

Bullying can be a threat to any student, but bullying behavior peaks in the middle school years, and the consequences can be severe and forever damaging. Here’s what parents should know about bullying, bullies, victims, and types of bullying. The more you know, the more you can help your child.

This free e-course will be delivered in four lessons, one per day. Here’s what you’ll learn about preventing and dealing with bullying:

  • Day One: Bullying and Middle School
  • Day Two: The Different Types of Bullying
  • Day Three: All About Victims and Bullies
  • Day Four: The Effects of Bullying