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July 17, 2021

Let's Get Started!

Thanks for visiting Parent Talk Today. I'm a freelance journalist and a wife and mom, which means my husband, Randy, and 11-year-old son, Matthew, have the pleasure of being written about all the time!

Trouble is, writing for magazines and newspapers is  often a one-way street, and writers and readers don't get to interact nearly enough. That's what makes blogging so great. I have a lot to share — and so do you.

Links to wonderful websites for parents, info on must-have new products, book recommendations, essays on parenting, and tons of great tips... There's lots of good stuff to come.

Please leave comments when you visit, including your own tips and recommendations for everything from dealing with colic to visiting colleges. Let's take this journey together.

—    Kathy Sena

P.S. I know you're busy. You're a parent! So I'm not going to ask you to tie a string around your finger to remember to stop by. In the column on the right, type in your e-mail address next to "Get E-mail Updates," and you'll receive a link whenever there's a new blog post.

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