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July 15, 2021

Keeping the Home Fires Burning: It Ain't Always Easy

The laundry is piled up. The kids need to be picked up. The dog just threw up.

And you're ready to throw your hands up.

Sex? Romance? Give me a break, you say. Maybe if I wasn't so tired. Maybe if he didn't dump his dirty socks and underwear on the bedroom floor. Maybe if being a mom didn't wear me out so much by the end of the day. Maybe if I lost 20 pounds and got a bikini wax...

When we first fell in love, back in the day, there seemed to be all the time in the world for lazy Saturday afternoons in bed, romantic dinners, walking, talking... And did I mention lazy Saturday afternoons in bed?

Think hard. Think back. Remember those?

If you're like most couples with kids, especially couples who have been together for years, sex has probably gotten pushed back on the to-do list after "call washer-repair guy" and "take dog to vet for rabies vaccination."

Happily, Alisa Bowman is happy to help you get your mojo back. On her blog, Project Happily Ever After, Bowman has a terrific post, "The Real Law of Attraction." Never one to ignore the elephant in the living room, Bowman starts out : "After many years of marriage, attraction wanes. It just does. If you look at your spouse and think, 'I’d like to get it on right now, but I don’t necessarily want to get it on with you,' you are so normal. So. So. Normal."

She then goes on to give great tips for making that barely-flickering flame burn a whole lot brighter. Subscribe to Bowman's blog and you can download — for free — her e-book: Relationship Rules: 10 Steps to Falling Back in Love All Over Again.

Just reading "The Real Laws of Attraction" made me want to jump in the shower, put on something pretty — as opposed to my usual mom-who-works-from-a-home-office-and-drives-kid-to-summer-camp clothes — and give Randy a lingering kiss at the door when he comes home tonight.

Who knows, maybe we can even find a free Saturday afternoon one of these days...


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