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April 02, 2022

The Moose With Loose Poops!

Ugh. No one likes the stomach flu, especially when it comes with throwing up and diarrhea. Children are often frightened and confused by their symptoms. Worried parents are not much happier, wanting to help their children feel better as quickly as possible.

While many parents know that gastroenteritis — specifically diarrhea — is common, most have no idea that it affects tens of millions of children annually in the U.S., resulting in 1.5 million outpatient doctor visits, 200,000 hospitalizations and 300 preventable deaths.

Dr. Charlotte Cowan decided to address this common childhood ailment in The Moose with Loose Poops! ($17.95 hardcover, www.drhippo.com), the newest book in her award-winning Dr. Hippo Series (which includes Katie Caught a Cold, The Little Elephant with the Big Earache, Peeper Has a Fever and Sadie’s Sore Throat).

In this fun story, four-year-old Miles develops a tummy ache while on a family picnic in Maine. His planned camping trip with Papa (complete with canoeing and fishing) is postponed when throwing up (oops!) and diarrhea (loose poops) develop. Mama, Papa and Lucy Moose take excellent care of Miles at home. Of course, they are helped by their kindly pediatrician, Dr. Hippo, who advises that fluid is the best medicine for Miles. Will Miles recover in time to go camping with Papa under a special, star-filled sky?

In this story for children ages 2-7, Dr. Cowan offers a clear and child-friendly explanation of gastroenteritis. A board-certified pediatrician, she captures the misery of tummy aches, caused first by vomiting and then by diarrhea, and writes to educate, entertain and comfort her small readers — as well as their parents.

This is a fun book that really reassures kids. The delightful illustrations by Penelope Neal add so much. I wish I'd had this book when my son was in preschool!


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