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December 11, 2021

Making Healthy Holiday Choices

It’s the holidays—and we moms are being tempted with fat-loaded dinners and goodies. (Yeah, I'm making it worse with this picture, aren't I?)

Of course, we want to celebrate a bit, but health experts remind us to keep our eye on the long haul. How much do we really want to pay—in weight gain, potential health problems and just plain sluggishness—for our holiday cheer?

It’s about balance, experts say, noting that we don’t need to make a herculean effort. Even moderate changes in what we put in our mouths, and how much we shake a leg, can really add up this holiday season. But there are some simple psychological reasons why so many of us dig in our heels when it comes to building healthy habits. And during the holidays, it’s even tougher to get motivated. Here are some of the most common pitfalls, along with some suggestions for hoisting yourself over those healthy-holiday hurdles...

To read the rest of my article, "Making Healthy Holiday Choices," check out the Dec. issue of Washington Woman magazine.


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