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December 18, 2021

Holiday Family Photo Tips

It's December, when we all want to preserve those special times with our families, whether it’s decorating the Christmas tree, lighting the menorah or preparing a Kwanza feast. Time for Mom (AKA the Official Family Photographer) to grab the camera! 

But will there be any holiday photos of YOU for your family to enjoy years from now? If you’re a mom, I dare you to take this challenge: Write the names of each of your immediate family members on a piece of paper, grab 100 holiday photos from the past few years and count how many times each person appears in them.

“I’ll bet your children are in 90 percent of the photos, your husband in 50 percent, and you — well, you’ll be lucky to be in 10 percent of them,” says Lisa Bearnson, founding editor of Creating Keepsakes scrapbooking magazine and co-author, with Siobhan McGowan, of Mom’s Little Book of Photo Tips (Creating Keepsakes Books).

Let’s admit it: Taking pictures of your kids is great fun, especially at the holidays. But it’s important for you to get in the picture, too. Years from now, your children — and grandchildren — will treasure the photos that show your personality, your love for your family — and all those wacky hair styles from decades past. Here are some tips for keeping yourself in the action during those holiday family-photo shoots.

°    Let the kids help. My 12-year-old son has become quite a whiz at using my point-and-shoot camera, and it’s great to see things from his perspective. Matthew’s favorite shots: Mom and Dad doing the tango across the kitchen floor. Mom making Christmas cookies. Mom and Dad hanging ornaments on the tree. And a “mushy” (his word) portrait of his parents looking lovey-dovey on Valentine’s Day. Be sure to try some shots when you’re seated or otherwise at the same eye level as your child, to avoid having every photo taken from a kid’s “looking-up-your-nose” point of view.

°    Don’t wait for volunteers. Ask! While your husband or a friend might remember to snap a shot of you opening a special gift, it probably won’t occur to anyone to grab the camera when you’re busy wrapping presents, frosting cookies or making dreidels with the kids. So just hand over the camera once in a while. And don’t be shy. My husband, at my request, took a picture of me napping with Matthew when Matt was a baby, and I treasure that photo more each year. But without my asking, my hubby wouldn’t have thought of that as a “photo moment.”

°    Use the timer on your camera. Try shooting a series of casual holiday portraits of yourself or of you and your family by setting the timer on your camera and getting in the picture. As we all know from experience, sometimes these work best when you don’t get too formal. Also, try photographing yourself and the kids simply enjoying the holiday break from school — lounging on the floor, horsing around with the dog or playing a game of Monopoly. (You can use a tri-pod or just carefully position the camera on a coffee table, sturdy chair, etc.) The timer works well for those posed-in-front-of-the-Christmas-tree shots, too. Just be sure to plan, ahead of time, where the timer-button-pusher will sit or stand after pressing the button — to avoid those “just-got-here-in-time!” looks.

°    Let your personality shine. Wouldn’t you love to have candid photos of your mother baking cookies with you, playing in the snow or Christmas caroling? Your kids will treasure those shots, too. You and your family will be glad you captured the memories.


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