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November 12, 2021

Got (Non-Board-Game) Family-Game-Night Ideas? Ladies' Home Journal Wants to Know

After today's post on Our World, Your Kids and family game night, Louise Sloan, an editor at Ladies' Home Journal, posted this comment. I wanted to turn it into a blog post so more readers would see it. If you'd like to be included in this article, read on:

Hey, timely post for me, Kathy, since I'm working on a Family Game Night piece for Ladies' Home Journal. Great stats. If any Parent Talk Today readers see this Wed 11/12 or Thurs 11/13 and want to share (for publication in LHJ) their favorite Family Game Night game that ISN'T a board game (like charades or anything that's low-cost or free to do), please email my assistant emily.chau(at)meredith.com and say what your family loves, why it's so fun, and any other details you'd like to share. Include your name and hometown. Thanks again, Kathy, for alerting me to National Game Week!


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Thanks. I sent Emily a few of our favorites.

You are always soooo on top of things! You're my hero ... that's why I just awarded you the "Your Blog Is Fabuolus" "trophy".;) Visit my blog for details.

Tessa, thanks for the honor! You made my day. :)

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