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September 08, 2021

Is the Wii Fit a Good Fit for Busy Parents?

Say you're a new mom, a dad with a preschooler, a work-from-home person or just someone who has so darned much on her plate that getting to the gym to exercise isn't making it onto your to-do list.

Or, like me, maybe you just find most exercise BORING.

Could a Wii Fit be the answer? Marijke Durning, R.N., writing over at HelpMyHurt.com, has a terrific post about her experience with the Wii Fit. Yoga, hula hoop, tennis, aerobics — Marijke has tried it all, and shares her review of everythingthe Wii Fit has to offer.

Since school started, I find myself being busier than ever, between work projects and running my son to fall baseball games, piano practice, yada, yada, yada. And all of that pretty much involves my butt being either in a car or on a chair in front of my computer.

And now that I'm trying to drop some weight, and I'm writing my "See Mommy Lose Weight" Wednesday posts, I'm doubly motivated.

Have you tried Wii Fit? Should I buy one? Please share your review with us here. Thanks!


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