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September 16, 2021

From the Mouths of Babes...

I recently asked my Twitter buddies with young kids to share with me some of their favorite "kid quotes." When my son, Matt, was between ages 2 and about 5, I wrote down a lot of the funny or sweet things he said, and now I'm so glad I did.

This is a great keepsake, not only for parents, but for your kids to share with their kids one day. Check out these gems:

Mom to 2 year old: "Did you just pee pee on the floor?" 2-year-old: "Nope. My underpants just cried."

2 year old during prayers: "Please, God, help me get Mommy and Daddy to let me watch more T.V. Amen."

2 year during prayers, "Thank you, God, for Honey Nut Cheerios."

7 year old: "Mommy, I love you. You are pure like gold."

3 year old: Mom, how did I get into your tummy?" Mom: "Daddy helped put you there." 3 year old: Did Daddy help me get out?" Mom: "Not so much."

5 year old: "Mom, what's Heaven again?" Mom: "That's where Grandpa is with God and all the other people who have died." 5 year old: "God DIED?

5 year old: "Why is there a hole in this bench?" Mom: "What's the bench made of?" 5 year old: "Wood!" Mom: "Where do we get wood?" 5 year old: "Home Depot!"

3 year old: "Mom, thanks for marrying someone I like so much."


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Here is my then 5-year-old son's rendition of the Star "Strangled" Banner. (He's 12 now.) I'm very happy I wrote it down:

"Daniel's Star Strangled Banner"

Oh say can you see, by the Don's early lives
It's so "prejunsly" there, at the twilight's half sleeping

It's a bronk and bright stars through the pray low as our
It's so "prejunsly" there, at the twilight's half sleeping

In rockets can crash. The bombs bursting in the air
Gave proof through the night, as the flag was still there

Oh say counts that Star Strangled Banner yeah wave
In the lanyard of the freaks, and wholer of the brink

Oh, Robin, this is precious! My favorite line: "In the lanyard of the freaks, and wholer of the brink"

Thanks for sharing this!

I recall some words from my daughter who is now 15:
--Um Yums (for onions)
--Sell A phone (for cellphone)
--When I was boring (for When I was born)
--Snooveneers (for souvenirs)

I wish I had written everything down. I'm sure it would be a great laugh!

Lauri, these are great! I especially like Snooveneers.

My 5-year-old daughter loves to wear her "cool breeze" (capris).

After her first week of kindergarten, she announced to me that she was NOT going to learn to read. "I'm just going to be a girl who looks at books."


Elizabeth, this is too funny! Make sure you save this for her to read when she’s a mom! :)

For ParentTalk: when Jeff was about 8 or so they started doing a little geometry in school. AS he got out of the car after school he said "Oh mom! We have to go buy a chiropractor!"

Kathy, that's great! Too funny. Thanks for sharing!

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