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September 02, 2021

276(!) Questions to Ask Before You Marry

Images I stumbled upon a website the other day that stopped me in my tracks with "276 Questions to Ask Before You Marry."

WOW, that's a lot of questions! The funny thing is, my husband, Randy, and I just celebrated our 15th anniversary, and there are questions on that list that we still couldn't answer!

Why am I mentioning this in a parenting blog? Because the list sparked a fun conversation with our 12-year-old son, Matt, at the dinner table the other night. Both Randy and Matt thought the idea of sitting down with their potential significant other and answering all these questions sounded just plain awful. "I don't want to talk that much!" Randy said. I'm guessing most guys would agree.

And truly, anyone who would actually sit down with the list and treat it like a bunch of interview questions, as opposed to looking at it as things to think about and talk over at leisure (over a looong period of time, and mixed in with stuff like, you know, going miniature golfing and going out for ice cream) might be looking at the same sort of reaction...

But there's food for thought here. And some laughs, too. And at the very least, Matt has it in the back of his mind that there are quite a few things he might like to know about a women — and himself — before he marries one day.

And Randy and I have more things to learn about each other over the next 15 years.


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