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September 01, 2021

An Apology to My Readers

Hello everyone,

I owe the readers of this blog an apology. And I owe Gov. Sarah Palin and her family an apology — although I'd imagine they've been a bit too busy this week to stumble across my blog!

Yesterday, I wrote a post that mentioned a rumor that has been circulating through the Web about Gov. Palin, and I linked to more information on that rumor. Today, I removed that post.

My purpose in writing the post was to talk about how rumors are flying about both candidates, and how it's sad that, in the current political climate, a lot of very good people probably aren't running for higher office because they wouldn't want to go through all of that.

I also mentioned that, at one point in our history, a mother would want her kid to grow up to be president, but that I doubted that many mothers today would want to see their child go through the whole ordeal with all the media scrutiny, the rumors, etc.

What I didn't stop to think about, especially when I added that link to more information on the rumor, was that I was contributing to the very problem I was complaining about — the spread of rumors and the stress that places on political candidates and their families.

Several people whom I respect a great deal questioned my editorial judgment in writing such a post, and I immediately saw that I was doing more harm than good. That was never my intention, and I want to apologize to any readers who may have been offended.

The purpose of this blog is to provide helpful information for parents. As a professional journalist, I take that job seriously. Thanks for those of you who wrote with your concerns about yesterday's post. That's one of the great things about blogging... The communication goes both ways!


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One of the many things I respect about you professionally Kathy is your ability and willingness to self-examine and correct course when you feel you need to. It's my opinion that it is very human to get caught up in the excitement...and we all get curious about the goings on with those in high places, esp when much turns on their new or potential position. Your empathy for Gov. Palin and her daughter is commendable. That's my take. Thank you for keeping us posted.

Michael, thanks for the kind words. If this is a lesson I can use to inform my future blog posts, this temporary embarrassment will be worth it, I think. Again, thanks.

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