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August 23, 2021

Parent Talk Today is a TypePad Featured Blog!

That whoopin' and hollerin' you can probably hear from your house right now? That's me, doing the HAPPY DANCE because Parent Talk Today has been named a TypePad Featured Blog! Check out the review here.

I think this occasion calls for a big old sign on the side of a building, so thanks to the folks at photofunia.com for their help. (That site is a hoot!)

There are a lot of thanks to go around, starting with all the wonderful bloggers who helped me (through their advice, encouragement and inspiration) get this blog off to a great start back in July 2007. Check out some of these wonderful blogs on the blog roll in the left column. Thanks, fellow bloggers!

I want to especially thank the editors at womansday.com, who introduced me to TypePad when I did a three-month weight-loss blog, "Scaling Down and Fessing Up," for them. They taught me so much, and I I started this blog because I couldn't wait to share parenting information in this wonderful forum.

  The best part of blogging for a journalist? I get to read your feedback, often minutes after I post something. (Try that with print magazines.)

I really appreciate your comments, and the community we're building here. Let's keep it going! Tell me what makes you happy, sad or just plain crazy as a parent. What do you want to see more of (or less of) here? Please leave your comments. As always, I'll read every one.

Thanks so much, TypePad, for this terrific honor!


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Congratulations, Kathy!!!!!

You have a wonderful blog and we are all the lucky recipients of your clever words.

Thanks, Louise and Jill!

Yeah, Kathy! You are such a talented writer!

Talk about exciting...however, I knew from day one you'd be a hit! Your topics really do hit a chord with all of us! Congratulations~

I'm not surprised. Your blog is terrific...you crawl into the hearts and minds of parents and children to give us all thoughtful insights and information--always on target and timely.

This is wonderful news! Blogs are tough to start (and maintain), so you definitely deserve it.

Wow!!! Great news...congrats, Kathy!


Janene, thanks for the lovely comments.

I just went to your website and I'm so impressed! You have accomplished so much as a freelance journalist while also being a new mom. I will keep an eye out for your byline! Keep up the great work.

I am so proud of you!! You are very deserving. Sometimes it is all I can do to kick back, put my feet up and feel sorry for myself as a parent of a teenager.
And you manage to find the essence of everyday life's experiences that touch us all as parents, and share really useful and comforting insights into just what it is that is making us crazy!!!
Thanks for including your sparkly sense of humor. I can see your raised eyebrows and scrunched up nose as I read about your most perplexing moments in parenting.
You go girl!!!

Martha, your lovely comment came at the right time today, because I'm dealing with a mumbling, exasperating almost-teen today and it's driving me a bit nuts! Can school start tomorrow, please?????

Kathy, I am so proud! You are so deserving. You just keep getting better!

Roberta, thanks so much for those kind words! You have been a participant here from the start, and I sure do appreciate it.

Wow! Where were you when my kinder were giving me grief??!!
; - ) (I think I know!) Will use this with the grandchildren. Congratulations on this relatively new site. Will read with pleasure and pass it on to family and friends.

Linda, thanks for the comment. And MANY thanks for passing it on to others. That's the best compliment!

Wow, the comments have been coming so fast, I didn't get a chance to respond to each one right below the comment. Thanks so much to all who have supported this blog for the past 13 months. Let's keep it going!


Kathy - Congrats on your wonderful recognition! My first time on your site -- it looks really neat!

Carolyn, thanks for stopping by! Glad you like it. Please stick around!

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