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August 25, 2021

The YouTube Potty Dance Craze: I Think I'll Sit This One Out

I stopped by Blog Fabulous today and saw a post showing a YouTube video of a bare-bottomed, adorable little guy named Zack doing the "potty dance" with his siblings.

The video even included a close-up shot of the results of the successful visit to the potty — numbers 1 and 2. (Could have gone all week, without taking a gander at that!)

Does anyone but me think this is a bit too much information to be sharing on the Web? I would no sooner allow my kid's naked toddler body to be seen on YouTube than I would eat a petunia salad for lunch. And I'm guessing no one I know would really care to see the contents of the potty.

But I may just be old-fashioned. Go to YouTube and type in "Potty Dance" and you'll be overrun with toddlers sitting on the potty or dancing beside the potty. And the comments on Blog Fabulous were all pretty positive about the video and others like it.

Some parents say it's terrific, positive peer pressure to be able to go to YouTube and let their little ones see other kids using the potty or doing a post-potty dance. "See, Zack went potty in the potty and he's younger than you!"

How about just showing them something like the "Elmo's Potty Time" DVD, which kids seem to love? (By the way — Elmo's naked butt on YouTube? I've got no problem with that.)

I love YouTube, and I do remember the days when I couldn't wait to get my kid out of diapers. But parents have been potty training their kids for generations without the need to put their bare butts on the Internet for all the world to see. (That "all the world to see" part worries me, too, frankly. There are some sick individuals out there who are looking at these videos for other purposes. Count on it.)

Little Zack, in the video, is obviously proud of his accomplishment, and this was a fun family moment — and a cute little video.

But maybe some things should be kept just within the family.


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If this is my biggest parenting crime I guess I'm doing all right.

Originally, I took the video for my Mother in Law who is out of the country - but has her laptop. I don't know how to send a video without YouTube.

I wish I could edit out the pee and poo shot - but I don't know how.

Then I thought the actual boogie dance was so hilarious I figured - why not? My Blog Fabulous readers will get a kick out of it.

The fact that it's a new thing to post your toddler's Potty Dance video on YouTube was as much news to me as it was to you.

But, when I was there the effect on my toddler was fascinating.

He's asked to see his own potty dance and the other kids several times since then.

If it works - I'll do it.

Tracee, thanks for the comment, and for taking my post in the spirit intended -- to get a discussion going about this.

One good thing is that the kids aren't identified in the YouTube videos, of course. And I understand the desire to share these family things with family far away.

It just seems like, for many people, nothing is too personal to share on the Web these days, and I wonder where the line needs to be drawn.

Thanks for inspiring this discussion, Tracee. I'll keep visiting your blog. Some great stuff there!

There is plenty that's too personal for me to write about or share on YouTube.

But, my kid going to the potty?

Every single child in the world has gone through this right of passage.

It's more of a collective experience than a personal one.

It's also one of the the most common struggles parents have - so sharing seems to be an effective way to help people parent better.

Just seeing those other videos was so informative. I've asked about 5 people how they potty trained - I've tried what they suggested.

But, I've had other questions about how boys sit when they learn or do they stand or what?

While on YouTube I saw that one mother had her kid get on the pot backwards - I never would have thought of that - but I might try it now.

I also think it was the first time that Zack realized that other kids potty train too.

If nothing else - it's fascinating to see what people actually do.

Kathy nice piece. It is worth keeping in mind that by definition a very small, but still significant, portion of the world's internet population are pedophiles. Not necessarily predators, but people who are by definition ONLY sexually aroused by children. So I'm a bit more modest on the Internet with my kid's photos than I would be with the family photo album. That said, we all have our lapses in judgment and can only go from where we're at. Important discussion to have.

Michael, you mentioned one of my biggest concerns about this trend. The idea that pedophiles might be looking at these children is something to worry about, I think. That would be reason enough to not post such videos on the Web.

Tracee, you're right -- there is no more universal experience!

But I think Michael makes a very good point, above. Something to be concerned about, unfortunately.

And just to add, child abduction by predators is a very very small probability. Your child is literally about as likely to be shot. Not likely for most kids. Being molested by a friend or family member is much more likely, and is where the media lets us down by focusing on "abductors". I'm mainly just disgusted by the thought of someone with severe problems "enjoying himself" with an image of my child in his mind. And for the very tiny fraction of predators that would select a child from the net and track them down...well, I doubt parents whose children have been predatory victims would be comforted much by the fact that the chance of it having happened was next to none. When it happens it is tragic.

I mainly wanted to clarify that I don't want to be stirring the abductor pot, which isn't much of a concern. For those who want to know more and want to know ways to protect their children in realistic, effective ways, Gavin De Becker's book Fear Less is the best source I know on these matters.

Michael, thanks for raising awareness here while also being a calm voice of reason. Much appreciated.

Readers, I'd suggest checking out Michael's website. It's excellent. So many great tips for parents. Just click on his name in the previous comment or click on "Awareness * Connection" on the blogroll at left.

Ditto on the predator/pedo issue. I'm amazed at the number of parent bloggers who casually post pics of their kids.

Thanks for the comment, Bryan. I agree that parents need to be careful.

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