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August 31, 2021

Sarah Palin Baby Rumor a Sign of the Times

Images Oh my. Why am I not shocked by the rumor (emphasis on RUMOR) that Sarah Palin's infant son, Trig, is really the son of her teenage daughter? Because it's hard to be shocked these days, with everything we hear on T.V. and the Web.

A blogger on Daily Kos accuses VP candidate Sarah Palin of faking a pregnancy so she could pretend her daughter’s baby was her own. The supporting evidence: Tons of photos of Palin looking very normal when she was supposedly seven months pregnant with Trig, plus her strange behavior around the time of the birth (regarding travel schedules and such).

I hope this story can be put to rest — one way or another — soon.

I believe in fully vetting candidates. Our national welfare is involved here, and we have to be careful. 

But wow, when you look at everything candidates are subjected to during the election process, it makes me wonder how many fabulous candidates we have out there who would rather gouge out their own eyes than run for high office in this country.

So now we have the far right accusing the far left of coming up these rumors. And the left accuses the right of coming up with crazy claims about Obama. And in the meantime, our country's problems continue to mount. What a waste of brainpower on both sides.

It's certainly not something I would want to see my own child go through as an adult.

Didn't moms used to want to see their kid grow up to be president?

P.S. Update after initial posting: Andrew Sullivan on TheAtlantic.com is taking a serious look at this rumor. Check it out here. This is the first "real" media investigation on this that I've heard about.


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Well, you know it comes back to us -- the consumers of rumors. If we didn't subscribe to the rumor mongers, the rumors would die out quickly. It will be good to find out what the real scoop on Palin is. No matter what her politics, she is still the first woman VP nominee ever!

We're talking all things romance at the "Dr Romance" Blog


Oh. Sad. I though i could throw my bit of salacious hate toward a 16 yo girl and her mom, but I will have to wait for the next shameless rumor :-/

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