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August 11, 2021

Pot Smokers Welcome Here

You gotta love Google. It always amazes me how people find this blog, and it's a hoot to see some of the Google searches that result in people clicking on a parenting blog. How about these:

°    "How to prep and smoke weed" (Sorry, Dude, but you ended up with my article for parents on kids and pot.)

°    "What do you do when your teenager is smoking pot?" (OK, I'm seeing a trend here. Maybe the first one was searched by a teen and the second one by his mom?)

°    "Idea gift teacher child late pick up" (So you need a gift to say I'm sorry for all those late arrivals at day-care pick-up time? I'm guessing the teacher would prefer you spend the money on a watch. Teachers need to get home to their OWN families at the end of the day, right?)

°    "Cell phone in washing machine" (After I did a post on this when my son left his cell phone in his pants pocket — and it got drenched — the post became my most-visited ever. At least our family isn't alone!)

°    "Sick of video games" (Me too.)

°    Can my child get MRSA at school? (With school starting, the number of searches that hit on the MRSA post here on the blog is going up, up, up. Remember to tell your kid not to share gym towels — and not to sit his naked butt on the bench in the locker room. Now there's a dinner-time conversation starter!)

°    Do you think airline prices will go down between now and Christmas? (Now that they're charging for everything from blankets to Pepsi to peanuts? My crystal ball says.... nope.)

Keep those Google searches coming! I love having you stop by — however you get here.


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Don't forget about those great google searches that bring all the spam comments. Being a family site, you surely couldn't post examples of them.

I agree with your crystal ball about airfares for the holidays. Many airlines are leaving certain airports(AA is leaving us) and many flights are being cut as well. That means less availability, so seats will sell at a premium. Thank you oil companies and politicians who support them.

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