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August 03, 2021

Just Call Me The Tetris Queen

I'd love to have one of those homes you see pictured in those "12 Ways to Get Organized" articles in the women's mags. (Confession: I write those articles for the women's mags and I don't have that kind of home... Just because I can interview experts on all this stuff doesn't mean our spare bedroom doesn't look darned scary. Anybody need an ancient computer, a Valentine's Day wooden yard decoration and a pile of old extension cords?)

But there's one place where I can take care of my gotta-have-everything-neat-and-orderly jones: Tetris. It's the only video game in the house that I can win. The Sena men sometimes get the upper hand, but I always come charging back. (Want to get a little more respect from a 12-year-old boy? Beat him at a VIDEO GAME.)

And it feels so good: Lining up all those little shapes just so and filling in all the empty spaces. Ahhhh! It's like having a professional organizer come and do her magic on my brain for a little while. And hey, I concentrate like crazy when I play — so don't I get some sort of warding-off-dementia points for this?


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Kathy, Thanks! I thought I was the only one stuck on this game! I have a hand-held version, very old-tech, and I had to stop playing it before sleep, because I got so frustrated sometimes I couldn't get to sleep!

Oh, Tina, if I got the hand-held version, I'd never get ANYTHING done! But it would pass the time more easily in the grocery store line!

Well, I'm thinking anything I can do standing up is better than being stuck in my chair in front of my desktop computer! I spend too many hours there already....

Standing up... I just had a brainstorm... I could do the hand-held on while I'm on the treadmill. Anything to keep it interesting!

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