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August 22, 2021

Back to School After Divorce

If you're a recently separated or divorced parent, you'll want to check out a terrific new article, by Michele Kimball, over at divorce360.com: "Children Can Recover From Split if Teachers, Parents Work Together."

Returning to school after parents decide to divorce can be traumatic for a kid, and it's important for teachers to be informed so they can work with the family.

A student's home life greatly affects his school life, Kimball points out. Children don't want to feel different or isolated because of what's going on at home. Having the important adults in their lives working as a team during the back-to-school transition can make a kid feel a whole lot better.

Terrific article. Check it out.


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Thanks for the kind words!

Hopefully the article will help people in this traditionally difficult period...

Cotter, I'm so impressed with your site. There's so much terrific, detailed information there for people who are going through divorce, whether they are parents or not. I'm happy to tell my readers about what you're doing over there. Thanks for commenting!

I agree wholeheartedly. I can still remember that the only person I spoke to about my parent's divorce was my grade two teacher, Mr. Finlayson. Many, many years later I wrote him a letter to thank him and he was astounded becuase it was his first year teaching and he was so nervous and overwhelmed. But he made a huge difference in my life... and all he did was listen.

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